Inheritance Tax Seminar 2.0

Following the unparalleled success of the first seminar on Landlord Tax, Vision Consulting continued its partnership with the Lint Group to contribute in the Inheritance Tax Seminar 2019.

The evening gave clients an opportunity to attend an event tailored to their needs, led by a panel of industry experts, not only in property but also the Legal sector represented by Dinesh Raja, Managing Partner of Bowling & Co Solicitors, and tax specialist Ebrahim Sidat, Managing Director at Signature Tax; to provide an in-depth and corroborative insight into all things relating to Inheritance Tax.

With an engaging Q&A segment chaired by Rizz Patel, Lint Group Managing Director, the clients were able to address any individual queries relating to properties and receive expert opinions. Tackling issues surrounding taxation schemes and HMRC guidance, as well as discussing tax reliefs and planning. In addition, based on demand from many attendees, the topic of taxation was discussed in relation to treaties and domicile persons across a variety of jurisdictions.

The seminar, interactive discussion and Q&A session with property, accounting and tax specialists, was greatly appreciated, allowing landlords to voice their concerns and eliminate any aspects of confusion.

Click HERE to watch the highlights video.

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